Friday, August 15, 2008

T2 : Back to Cyberdyne Systems

While waiting for 'Terminator Salvation' , I visited the Cyberdyne Systems building (which on an ironic side-note now has a company in it, Mattson, which develops semi-conductors ;)... and I had a personal tour of some of the buildings features by Rick Warren, the buildings Facilities Manager.

This filming location, Fremont CA, was used in Terminator 2 : Judgment day

Rick Warren explains:
"The entrace you see was previously hollow, and it went straight back, probably about 20 feet. When you saw the entrance of the thing, you saw the desk right here, and then 20 feet back where they came... the door that you see at the end was actually a door that went back there, that went into this lab area right here, so the cavern went out and broke off to the labs like that... exactly."

"Now this company is a semi-conductor company, point of technology, things like that. [Laughing] Thats actually ironic about this building."

On the roof they continue their journey.

"My name is Rick Warren... I am the Fascilities Manager for the 'Terminator building'. Thats what we call it... If you look at every conference room in the building, we name it after a character or a person from the movie. Soo, we have the T2 room, we have a Connor room, we... eeuhrm, are gonna open up the Wolfie room for the dog and stuff like this. Soo each one of our conference rooms are named after a character in the movie."

"And when they filmed the movie... this was almost the only building in this whole area. There was nothing across the street, just big dirt. Nothing but dirt, nothing but grass over here. None of those trees were here, none of this area was here."

"One regular helicopter you see flying in the movie... yeah, then they had two black helicopters. They were flying around for stuff like this..."

"They blocked of the streets a block away and we couldn't get over here, so we moved to a hotel, and from that hotel we could see the whole action scene going on here. And right before the night when they blew up the third floor, this whole area was covered with fire department."